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A Place to Hide

Troubles & turmoil’s; amplified
Pain that burns down deep inside
Eyes have looked but have not found
A place to hide on solid ground.

The wind inside this hurricane
Has tossed me fro and back again.
Within the storms that’s all around
And a place to hide I have not found.

Looked to the East and to the West
And all the places that I knew best
I did not find a place to hide,
Where I could find a peace inside.

Not a door would let me in
Where I could make a single friend
Searched each street and avenue
Without a solitary trace or clue.

All alone without a friend
Looked this way and that again
Till a voice inside spoke out to me
“You’ve got to turn, You’ve got to flee”

“You’ve got to leave this road you’re on”
The storms are raging and roaring on
So on and on I looked in vain
In every door and windowpane.

To find the place where I should hide
From all the pain I felt inside
A place where I could just be me
A place to rest; Tranquility!

That voice kept calling out to me
“You have to look inside to see!”
That place to hide from all life’s storms
That keeps you safe from hurt and harm.

Copyright ©1992 Sydell R. Linsicombe

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