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A Space in Time

Thereís a space in time thatís lonely now
For you are not here in it
Bringing back your love I donít know how
For you share; with me, no hour nor minute
Thoughts Iíve pondered both day & night
Of things we said; be they wrong; be they right
I miss your smile; your laughter too
And Iíve thought to myself
ďWas it meóWas it you?Ē
And who are we to cast or find blame?
If we both knew ďthe truthĒ would we still feel the same?
Thereís emptiness within my soul
For without your love, I donít feel whole.
No space in time could ever be
As precious as you are to me.
I pray itís just a space in time thatís keeping us apart
If I never had your love again, it would surely break my heart.

Sydell Linsicombe ©2001

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