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All in All

Seems my life has been short lived
With all itís pain and sorrows
But all in all itís been quite good
Just wished I had more tomorrows.

I now look back to see
All that life has been
Giving thanks to God up above;
For my family and each friend.

For each and every blessing,
He gave along lifeís way
And all Heís ever done for me
And answered prayes that Iíd pray.

There are places that Iíve never seen
And roads Iíve never traveled
Stories yet Iíve not been told
And puzzles yet to unravel.

But all in all Iíve had my share
Tho may not be all what life has to give.
But I have loved most every day
And Iím so glad Iíve lived.

If I were allowed to live again
And know what I know now
I'd live it just the way Iíve done
But ask for more time than thou.

© Sydell R. Linsicombe  December 26, 2004

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