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Baby I'm Gone
You always try and change me,
And everything I do
Guess Ive learned the hard way,
Im not good enough for you.
So, Baby Im gone

You turn up your nose at me
And snicker at things I say.
But this time its my turn
To just turn and walk away
So, Baby Im gone

I thought I had a true love
Even tho youve hurt my pride,
And tho I do still love you,
These feeling I can not hide
But Baby Im gone

So youll know Ive up and gone
When you hear the screen door slam
And youll not be changing me
Cus I am just who I am
And Im up and gone,
Yes Baby Im gone

Ya baby Ive learned the hard way
That Im not good enough for you
But Im just tired of tryin
And you can say were through
Cuz Baby Im gone

No you can not change me
For this I wont abide
For I will always stay just me
With the way I feel inside
So Baby Im gone

Yes Im gone with all my sorrows,
We can forget about our-tomorrows
Im tired of even trying,
cuz Im tired of all this lying
That we could really make it
So, No I just cant fake it
Baby Im gone.

Copyright © September, 2005 Sydell R. Linsicombe

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