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Been Apart

Distance separates us by the miles
Oh so long and far apart
And the thought comes to try and break down my weary, lonely heart.
And the cravings of your touch so sweet as I reach for you with a febished start.
To find the end of the road where you are and come close to your embrace
To hold you close and feel your soft kiss, look into your eyes…and stare into your face.

And the constant waiting that you will soon be here
That you will drive the miles that will open my eyes
Making it known and take away all my foolish fear.
That you desire my presence as I've desired yours with all my soul
Can only tell what I've been dreaming and bring an end to this story being told.

And I will take you with all that it is within me
And show you all that I endeavor to show
Of the Love I hold deep within me
And all the love I want you to know.
The deepest of all I've ever known
And from the start, this love has only and sincerely grown.

For I yearn for you with each moment
And cry for you with each passing day
I could have stayed there in your presence,
But I was stupid and made my decision to fly away.
But I know our love beckins for each other and I beg my heart to be stilled.
As it will continue to plead for you and for our dreams to be fulfilled.

Have you "been apart" from the one you Love?
When you know you've been given this gift from the Father of Above?
And it feels like your very soul is torn asunder
And then when you cry, do you feel the earth shake and hear the heavens thunder?
My soul is weak without him by my side.
Help me Father until at his bosom my face can hide.

©2004 Sydell R. Linsicombe

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