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  Beyond Compare
Throughout the world, there's no one,
None just like you.
Formed by just one cell, but chosen from many.
You are special, different in every way,
From each, and everyone.
For no one has your smile
Nor just the same curve of your face.
No one has the same finger prints,
Nor DNA,
Nor your thoughts, nor your ways.
And the way you speak,
Is totally and quite unique.
No one can do just what you do,
Talents; who can compare
Others might be better
In some area than you,
But you excel others in many.
No one feels just quite like you,
Nor thinks, nor understands.
Like a musical instrument in an orchestra
You are needed to fulfill a purpose
And the music you make
Completes the symphony.

Copyright © 2000 Sydell R.Linsicombe

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