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Celebration of Love

Together we stand here with our friends
To celebrate our love so true
To come together with our vows
And to start our lives anew.

Iíll cherish you for always
And love you without end
To be your lifetime companion,
Your lover, and your friend.

Iíll be by your side in battle
With a smite and a heal or two
And when we are in travel
Iíll stick to you, like glue.

As Palidon and Cleric
We make a pretty good DAOC team
And now weíll be together forever
This has been my everyday dream.

Just know how much I love you
And this I always will.
It will go on forever
And my vows will be fulfilled

Sydell Linsicombe ©  December  27,  2004  All rights reserved.
Written for Trendaz and Valishia in DAOC

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