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Cyber Safe Relationships

Seems we like to come here and ďchatĒ
And talk (or type) saying just this or that
We could plan to meet; again, the next day
And let nothing; at all, stand in our way!
Funny, how we meet here like this.
Weíve not even held hands or shared one kiss
But hours weíve shared in our own little world
Telling our dreams to each other; as our lives unfurl.
We might send a file or even two
Get a picture of me and I get one of you.
But who are you really; how can I be so sure?
You could be some psychotic using allure.
You could; actually, be anyone you choose
If you want to impress or thoroughly enthuse
You could say youíre a blonde but have black hair
Could say youíre from London, but live in Delaware
So if I get skittish, or if you get contrite,
Iíll just take my mouse and click you from sight!
So keep on typing, whatcha got to loose?
For if youíre only in Cyber Space you canít be abused!
Donít think youíll ever know my actual name
Too scared of being caught in some nightmare game!
Have you heard the stories the news talks about?
Well, Iím playing it safe, beyond a shadow of doubt.

Copyright©2001 Sydell R. Linsicombe

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