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Don't Hurry Life

Just whatís the point of it all I say.
Can you make an hour last a day?
Ever smelled a flower before it bloomed?
Ever been to a party before you were groomed?
Have you eaten a meal before it was done?
Canít say I have; wouldnít be any fun!

Been ticketed for speeding; going too fast?
Slow down, take it easy, make your life last!
Ease up on the pedal, put on the brake.
Just slow it on down, For goodness sake!
So why such a hurry, all of the time?
Working faster; will you earn one more dime?

Ever see the morning before the sunshine?
Always out of bed before the clock strikes nine?
Donít be in a hurry, weíre all growing old.
Donít leave a recital before the story is told.
Slow down, take it easy, hear the birds sing.
Try and take notice of what life has to bring!

Copyright © 2001 Sydell R. Linsicombe

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