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                           Dream With Me

                   Let's  pretend that time could stand still
                        And we could pause and laugh at will.
                        So, take my hand; what do you see?
                        Prehaps my thoughts in soliloquy?

                        Imaginary dreamer, come take me away
                        to our special place of solitude, be it close or far-away.
                        Floating, Wishing, Watching, Waiting
                        Seeking Joy; Anticipating

                        Oh this place; I wish we could find
                        where I could voice what's on my mind
                        where we could walk side by side,
                        But alone I sit, here I abide.

                        I long to see; to touch your face
                        to feel your touch; your warm imbrace.
                        To run my fingers through your hair
                        To hear you say how much you care.

                         Imaginary Dreamer; dream with me
                         Someplace where no one else can see
                         or hear the things that we might say
                         Maybe the beach, along the bay?

                         "Pixy dust"  is sprinkled
                         in some "Fairy tale" land
                         Eating ice cream sundae's;
                         building castles in the sand

                        Tell me a place where we can go
                        that no one else will ever know.
                        Just wanting to be alone with you
                        maybe have a meal, &/or a drink or two.

                        I close my eyes, but you're hear with me
                        Holding me close; affectionately.
                        Feeling your breath upon my face
                        Enjoying this place of each others embrace.

                        Floating, Wishing, Watching, Waiting,
                        Seeking Joy; Anticipating

                       Copyright © 1990 Sydell R. Linsicombe

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