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Good Dog's Gone Bad

 Days of rain & winter's cold
Icicles hanging on the sale, sign--sold!
Never to return!
Not to days of hot and summer's heat
Pasture's dry, has seen defeat
Shade tree lost all it's leaves
Lost in last year's winter freeze.
It's "Ole Blue's" name I'll miss the most
Deeply carved; in the garden fence post.
Grandpa’d raised him from a pup,
He wasn’t much bigger then, than a ”tea-cup”.
He’d used to run and play for hours
And sniff my granny’s Gardenia flowers.
He’d run and run and run all day
And then one day, he just up-and ran away.
They searched for him for days on end
They asked each passer by and friend
And then one day, he crawled on home
But wasn’t too friendly after being on the roam.
Think he’d been hiding out in an old wooden shack,
And there were bites all over his matted back.
He just whimpered and cowered away
Nope, that old dog just wouldn’t stay.
Now my grandma never got too close to him
Chances of that looked pretty slim.
Grandpa's knife was never dull.
(Sliced right through that
mad dog's skull.)
Afraid of dogs she always was
Grandma said, "It's just becuz"
She never turned her back on one
Knew the mean ones were no fun.
But late into the winter's night,
Granny's sick, she took her flight.
Road was dark that evening hour
Her journeys walk, soon went sour.
Growls she heard deep in the dark
Looking past the black so stark
Knew that it was hard to run
And wished that she had a gun.
Crickets chirp & fire flies sing
Grandpa's arm; my grandma clings
Fighting, Howling, Yelping, Mad...
How can one good dog go bad?
Friends they were in younger days
Tails wagging with puppy ways.
Always licked the hand that fed
Food no more but knife instead.

 Sydell R Linsicombe©1999

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