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To a Dear Friend on Valentine's Day

I wish I could change things and undo the things I’ve done…
I wish I could tell you that you were the only one…
But if I could turn back the written pages or change the hands of time
I’d try and do it differently, and say I’d be yours and you’d be mine.
But my heart has been so twisted…tossed and turned and swayed
From men that have abused me, scorned me and then, not stayed…
I’ve learned so much of how I was treated…rubbed off and left it’s mark
That I’ve changed in how I used to be, not warned of the embark
I was overtaken by the hurt and confusion; blinded by my tears
Not realizing how it had changed me to worse through lifes painful years.
I’d never learned forgiveness to my own hurts and pains
And what it does to not let it go twil bear it’s blots and stains
But I’ve learned that I must return to the First Love that I had
In order to ever love again, and to change to good, from bad.
If I’m to ever truly love again, or really learn what love’s all about
My First Love will have to teach me, removing the fears and all the doubt.
He will have to change my heart to make me love again.
But I know the He will help me; to at least say, “I’m your friend”.
I want to let you know just what you mean to me
Wishing that I could turn the lock and hand you my hearts key.
But for now, I hand it to my First Love, and it rests safely within His Hands.
I have to now rely on Him, and that’s where my life now stands.
I don’t know the future or how things will end.
All I know for now is that I’m so glad I can call you my dear friend.

Happy Valentine’s Day
copyright © Sydell R. Linsicombe

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