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How Does a Friendship

How does a friendship, so abruptly end?
Knowing all the hours, the days, even years together we did spend,
Learning each like or dislike, each quality or fault
Do we just turn our back, and say:“this friendship has to halt”?
We had so much in common, learned it through the years,
Shared our joys and sorrows, our laughter and our tears.
We could sit and talk for hours, or not even say a word,
But felt we knew each other’s thoughts without even being heard.
Shall we find another to share this common ground?
Conforming to the knowledge that we’ve lost what was found?
How do we turn our backs and nonchalantly walk away,
From that which was highly treasured, but now held at bay?
How does a friendship, so abruptly end?
Makes one wonder if; in fact, you really were my friend.

Copyright 2002 © Sydell R. Linsicombe
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