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          I Miss You

As I lay here looking out the window,
Watching the trees as the wind blows
Briskly through the; now turning, leaves
It is spring.
Candle burning ever so brightly at my bedside
Teddy bear sitting up against the wall
Just where my daughter left him
Not a sound does he make
Nor the trees outside standing
Oh so tall and alone.
Oh, as I lay here in my bed of loneliness
With tears in my eyes
Like the candle which is now dripping wax.
All is quiet except in the background
I hear the cry of my dog's puppies
Wanting their mother to lay beside them
And give them warmth
Oh I wish I had a warmth beside me,
To take away this chill.
So I lay here in my bed
Watching out the window as cars go by.
I wonder where they all must go
My candle is burning ever so low
Puppies have gone to sleep
I'll close the curtains and blow out the light
I'm getting tired.
Maybe I'll dream of you
I miss you.

Copyright © 1978 Sydell R. Linsicombe

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