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You might have thought that we were strong
And weíd have a relationship thatíd last long
Sorry to say, ďItís just not soĒ
And now one of us has got to go!
Might have taken it with all  in good stride
But you turn on me like Jekyll and Hyde
Getting tired of always being abused
Funny how you seem amused
If I would cry or seem upset
Youíre quick to repent or quick to regret
Yes, so we both have tried.
Paid counselors, even a spiritual guide
But I can see thereís just no helping you
Canít you see we are just ďplain throughĒ?
Donít flatter me with your ball-faced lies
Nor think of me as ďnot too wiseĒ
Cause Iím onto your schemes.
And Iím tired of all the false hopes and pipe dreams.
Youíre totally lazy and just a freaking slob
Iím surprised you carry yourself to work or even have a job.
Donít flatter yourself and think I care
If you listen; close, youíll hear me swear
That Iím tired of all your selfish ways
And Iím tired of wasting precious days
On a man that only loves himself
And has thrown my love upon a shelf.
Donít talk to me and think Iím charmed
For you just might be quite alarmed
To learn that Iím really over you
And I just donít care what you do!

                                 Copyright ©2001 Sydell R. Linsicombe
         (not written for anyone in particular and certainly not pertaining to my own marriage)

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