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Katherine Anne
"Little Possum"

March 4th, 2001
7lbs 2ozs/19"long
Born to Geneva and Jeremy

With you here, I know,
a part of me will
live on forever...Happy Birthday Sweetie!

Even before I met you, I loved you.  Do you remember kicking me?
Yes you did, right through your mommy's tummy!...and hard too!
It was Christmas time 2000 and your mommy and daddy were in Houston;
while your daddy was on leave from the army.
On April 20th, 2001 I went to NY to visit you and hold you for the first time.
I was totally excited!
Before I went to see you, I would call your mommy and daddy,
and I could hear your little voice on the phone and you sounded so sweet.
And one night in particular, it almost seemed like you were carrying on quit a long conversation with me.
I just wish I knew just what it was you said as your mouth wasn't quite up to the phone.
I could be mistaken, but when I told your mommy to kiss you for me, I thought I heard a little giggle.
You have the sweetest smile I've ever seen and it just made my heart melt when you smiled at me.
I've nick named you "Possum" as you pretend to sleep while being held....and then if put peek out through
sleepy eyes...and smile real big.
And the day I left to come home to Houston, I thought my heart would break to leave you as you held my hair
with one hand and my shirt with the other....I love you Sweetie.....Memaw

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