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                    Knock Knock


            Knocking Knocking on the door, like a stranger;
            No answer did I get.
            Waiting to see you, as if my life's desire.
            Again I am knocking, knocking at your door.
            A voice within says: "Go Away,
            She's not here; to see you, today."
            Just hope someday you'll understand.
            In my mind, you're a vision of loveliness
            And in my heart; more love than in my whole life
            My sweet vision is just a picture of your beauty, rare.
            Golden hair so soft to touch;
            It's fragrance, fresh as the morning dew.
            I look at your hands so small,
            Grasping tangible toys.
            Oh that teddy bear I wish I was.
            Your feet so small and delicate;
            They run across the floor, so clumsy were you.
            Your skin so soft and white;
            As radiant as a winter snow; so pure.
            Your laughter; that of ignorance,
            For so much of life you have not yet lived.
            No matter what you could ever do,
            Errors in life I know you will make;
            But always remember,
            Those who make errors
            Are those who learn to love life.
            So, next time you hear a knocking at the door,
            As many times as you've heard it in the past
            Someday; when you are old enough, please answer.
            And if you see an old lady; with hands chapped and worn,
            Say "Hello Mother, it's time we learn to understand."
            With age we learn to realize life.
            And life is you; to me, my love.
            Knock Knock

  Copyright Sydell R. Linsicombe
 written for Jennifer

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