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Liver List

They want me on the “Liver-List” they say that mine’s gone bad
They ack like I deserve it, as tho I were a cad.

I take their words; with salt, tho I can have none.
If I take; someone’s Liver, is the battle really won?

I can’t go back and change my past, or the road I chose to travel
But I wished I could, for you can see, it’s become such a ravel.

I wished I’d never heard the word Hepatitis C.
Nor done the things for it to get, it’s horrid grip on me.

I never have much energy, and sometimes I get so mad.
But when I really think of it, it only makes me sad.

The Chemo didn’t work for me, although they said it would
It almost took my mind from me, and I didn’t know it could.

My loved ones are supportive, but they really don’t understand
Sometimes my work is hard, and I’d really like a hand.

They say that I should quit my job, and find something else to do.
Said: “Rotator Cuff Disease is doing a number on you”.

They have me see a Theropist and sometimes it really helps.
But when he turns my arm at times, I scream out in yelps.

My cabinet has so many pills, you’d think I owned a store
I have to take so many, I surely want no more.

I feel just like a guinea pig as they gouge, poke & pry
At times; when I hear “New Tests”, I want to scream and cry.

I’m not asking for your pity, I have enough of my own
I repent of it each day I live, if I have to make this known.

All I know is I that I need your prayers to Our Father up above
And I know that I will always bask, in His never dieing love.

Copyright © 2005 Sydell R. Linsicombe


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