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                                                                    Running through the open field,
                                                                    trying to catch the sun,
                                                                    It slipped away before my reach,
                                                                    and the mist began to fall.
                                                                    Dampness came around me
                                                                    and  amazed was I to find,
                                                                    My life much like that misty day
                                                                    trying to catch the sun.
                                                                    I reached for a goal too far away,
                                                                    and tears ran down my cheeks.
                                                                    I stand alone within this field
                                                                    of errors and mistakes,
                                                                    but now I know to reach not far
                                                                    for goals too far away.
                                                                    May misty days stay far away,
                                                                    like the sun I tried to reach.
                                                                   There's a brighter day in the distance
                                                                   One that is reachable and true.
                                                                   So don't be down and forlorn,
                                                                   Don't be miserable and blue.
                                                                   For the sun is up there shining,
                                                                   And it's shining down on you.

                                                                   Copyright ©1999 Sydell R. Linsicombe

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