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My Dream

My arms reached out to you this morning;
As I woke up from a dream-filled sleep,
Only to find a tear stained pillow,
And again I began to weep.

Wishing I'd had more time
To express just how I feel
To know if I was not just dreaming,
Or to know if you're truly real.

For all I have are the memories
That now flood through my mind
Each touch from you, so tender
Each word from you, so kind.

If I didn't have your picture,
I wouldn't think that you were real
Holding it to my bosom
Where I wish you were, here still.

You were so easy to talk to
As I gazed into your dreamy brown eyes
We had walked and talked for hours
Unfolding our past and sharing our lives.

I was like a hiding little Hermit crab
But you drew me from my shell;
With my hand clasped in your hand
We walked the beach; the rain fell.

It was gentle to my face
As your words were to my ears
We only shared four illuminous days together
These memories; now, my souvenirs.

The time passed so quickly
And I yearned for you to stay
Tempted to leave and go with you;
Sorry now, I let you drive away.

I pray our time together
Was not just a passing dream
And you leaving me behind,
Is not as it may seem.

Your presence now still lingers
In my ever wondering mind.
Will we have a tomorrow together,
Or are memories all I'll find?

So now I hold this pillow,
As I held you close before
With thoughts of you returning
And knocking on my door.

But if this was just for a moment
That I was blessed by the smile on your face,
I'll remember and cherish it for a lifetime
As I will, your kiss and warm embrace.

  Copyright © 2004 Sydell R. Linsicombe

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