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On Father痴 Day and Forever

Soft voices and a tender touch
These are the things that mean so much;
To be seen with you; arm in arm
To be flattered; with all  your  charismatic charm.
Encouragement, compassion too
These are the things I yearn from you;
Listening ears and a warm embrace
 To see a smile upon your face
When you look into my eyes; I値l know you care
And I値l know; our love, together; we will share
To be the father of my child;
Letting our passions grow and run wild.
As you give yourself to me I値l give myself to you
And we値l feel our ecstasy flow
Completely through & through.
As I feel each touch from you, you値l feel mine.
You take my hand and I'll take yours,
Our fingers, like our hearts; entwine.
All these things you give to me, and I値l return to you;
My Love Forever
My husband, My friend

Copyright ©2001Sydell R. Linsicombe

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