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Comparing thoughts I ponder to consider the resemblance
And study the reasoning between your version and my own
Only coming to the decision that we share so similar ideas, feelings, values, & interests.
That it bewilders me leaving me with amazement
As I search my memory recalling no other Iíve shared such a duplicated past
Is this a common coincidence or a rarity only shared by a slim few?
Was it chance we met and became aware of each other's feelings?
Was it written in the stars as fate would say?
Was it by accident that we conversed;
Opening or unraveling our inner most secrets
Without apprehension or reservation
As if we already knew the very outcome and opinions
Being in only mutual agreement but none the less in awe?
Is this what they refer to as soul mates?
That even your beliefs entwine and fuse an inseparable bond between the two
Leaving only desires for eternal companionship.
Is it possible to share so similar thoughts that words become unnecessary at times
And only a look or a glance can be perfectly read and understood without question?

Copyright ©2002 Sydell R. Linsicombe

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