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Stuck on You

Here I stand in Camelot Chapel,
On this glorious & awesome day.
In front of our friends and you, my love
And this I have to say:

Wherever we've gone I've stuck to you or walked by your side in each day with such joy and pleasure.
Now you want me as your bride and the pride I feel is beyond compare and measure.

From the shores of Gothwaite Harbor
To the Heroes of TOA.
Not a drop of all that water
Could wash my love away.

For its deeper than the seas of Mesothalassa
And higher than Clifton or Harpie Hill.
Yes my love will shine on forever
And then I will love you still.

No matter what comes to over take us
Whether PVE's or RVR's.
I'll not fear nor be in all alarms
For I know Iíll find solace,
in the end; within your reassuring arms.

Youíve been my friend, companion,
My hero & my guide
Now you are my husband,
And I am your proud bride.

Youíre my Knight in Shining Armor
And Iím forever, your Valdorie.
And I donít care who knows it.
And want all of Albion to see..

I love you, and I will forever remain,
Stuck on you!

   Sydell R. Linsicombe (Val) Copyright©2004All Rights Reserved

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