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 Each time your name is on my mind
Why do I feel the way I do?
 And when I hear your voice,
 Gosh...I haven't got a clue.
 You make me feel young and so carefree,
 And that there's someone out there for me,
Who cares...and shares my dreams.
You've  never said a cross word
nor made me feel unsure
Really want to be with you
Drawn by your alure
Say you'd never hurt me, strike my face...desert me
Say you'd never lie, nor cheat on me.
And somehow I know if I heard it from you
The words you spoke would all be true.
Where have we been during each other's lives
Were we hidden so far away?
Would I have known you or  you have known me,
if we'd  met on a former day?
Would you have been my hero as you are now?
Would you've held me and made me feel warm?
For I know that you're holding me now my love;
Sheltering me from all of life's storms.

                                                                                                             Copyright © 1999 Sydell R. Linsicombe


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