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The first time I looked into your blood-thirsty eyes,
I knew I would be your next victim.
You lured me in with your lies of love & sincere devotion
Capturing me with your cunning charm,
You then teased me with your apathetic
& Seductive mannerism; drawing me even closer.
But then, a frightening & horrible metamorphosis occurred,
And I could see the demon that was hidden deep within.
You lashed at me with your cold, cruel words of venomous hatred
I knew I was helpless in your ever tightening grip,
As I was thrown into a pit of utter anguish and despair.
(Oh if I could only tame the savage beast that you are!)
Trying to pull myself up, with all the strength left in me,
You knocked me back down with your hiss of rejection
And taunted & tantalized me with your fangs.
Biting down, you sucked the last bit of energy and hopes from me,
I was left marred and mutilated on the hard cold ground.
I knew it was over, and there was nothing left to do
But completely wither away and vanish.
As all the love life: left with me, was drained.
Now you can go on stalking your innocent prey
On star filled nights when the moon is full.

Copyright  ©1990 Sydell R. Linsicombe

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