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Walls & Ceilings
Faux Finishes
(Click on pictures for enlargements)
Some of them don't have enlargements as the photos didn't turn out that great,  but some do.
Left, is a Metalic-Gold-Swirling-Ceiling using a paint pad.
Center/Left, the ceilings have been fauxed with a metalic gold base
and purple and brown faux on top;
with a greek key stencil added around the drop-down.
Center/Right, is a striped looking ceiling fauxed in red, gold and tan.
Right, the wall faux was brought up to the ceiling to give that ole'-aged look.
Left is a Faux on Tissue Texture using a paint pad & sea sponge
Center Left, The Ceiling has been fauxed with silver using a sponge roller.
Center Right, the walls are Fauxed to match the marbled counter-tops
using a sea-sponge roller.
Right is an aged Faux on Stucco-Compound using a sea sponge.
Left is work in Progress
This is a rag rolling using a template for the harliguin
and stencil for the fleur de lis.
A gold paint pen was used to outline the harliquin.
Center, this bath was fauxed using newspaper with
several colors of greens, yellows, oranges and a hint of black.
Right is a Faux Done with a Dark Taupe Base
Terra-cotta, Silver & Gold Glaze Faux using a sea sponge and brush.
Left and Center is a Gold Marble Faux.
Right-Center-This bath was done in a soft faux in
taupes, greens & rusts using a color washing technique.
Right- These walls were done with a textured base and a sand grout paint.
Left and Left center is a Very soft faux done in blue-gray & cream using a woolie.
Center Right, the walls areFauxed In Green, & Purple
with a Green Ceiling & Gold Base Coat using a sea sponge and brush.
Furniture in Gold w/Tobacco Antiquing
Right, is a CompoundedStucco Texture w/Dark Blue Base Coat.
Fauxed w/Light Blue, Gold, & Taupe using a sea sponge.
Cream Base with Silver &Tobacco glaze faux using a large natural sponge.
These shelves were added afterwards and faux repaired to match.
Right-is a bath that was fauxed using a light gray base and fauxed gray and silver on top.
It then was stenciled along the top and here and there on the walls.
Cream Base w/Mauve, Burgendy and Green Faux
Left and Center is a Pinkish-Taupe Base w/Silver and Gold Faux to the Right
Both done using a seasponge
This was done on top of wallpaper first adding a stucco texture.
Right Center is done in a bathroom with silvers, teals on a pinkish taupe base.
Right is a bath with distressed Vanition Plaster Walls
showing faux textured bricks underneath.
Left is a Harlequin Faux with a Fleur de lis Stencil.
Center, this hall has been lightly fauxed with pearl using a color washing technique.
Right is a Faux on the back of these shelves in red, gold and tan.
Right is a bath with a gray, silver & black marble faux.


  Left to Right are walls that have been compounded with Stucco Texture,
 Painted and given an Aged Faux using Ralph Lauren's Tabacco Glaze.
Left-This wall has been compounded with a stucco texturing,
then fauxed using two mustard colors, black and white.
Right-Helped Marny Art with this Black Marbled Wall


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