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Welcomed Friend; Peace


Peace, what a blessed word.
Pause and consider itís meaning.
A word; too seldom heard.
Whether for world, family, heart or mind
Like a welcomed friend, itís sought
But sometimes & most often; very hard to find.
Countries send their loved ones to serve and even fight
They even give their lives for it
Or theyíre maimed or loose their sight.
Hearts are bleeding; for mothers of all kind
Whose sons and daughters gave their lives,
Fighting for what we canít even find.
What causes war; this turmoil, anyone really know?
Was it embedded; in the heart of man
Thousands of years ago?
Did it start from bad relationships, or from one bad seed?
Can it spring forth and grow
From a thought, word, or deed?
What will bring the solution, some miracle cure,
(Welcomed friend) peace to us,
Forever to endure?

Copyright ©2001 Sydell R. Linsicombe

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