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Words come and go and sometimes so fast they canít be spoken or written down on paperÖbut are they really necessary to be heard or read?  Would it really matter or be of any concern, if it be known what is on ones heart or mind?  Are these words with meaning?  What would make words important to be heard?  But isnít it that with words comes knowledge? But what sort of knowledge? And why is knowledge so important?  Or is it? The question lies with what sort of knowledge it is, thatís really on someoneís heart or mind.  Is this why millions of books, poems or even letters have been written throughout mankind?  But where do these thoughts come from?  Is it just words within ones own mind or is it learned knowledge one has acquired throughout that personís own life?  Or does it even matter?  Does it even matter that these words are written down?  Or does it matter if they are read by any passer by.  If not, then the paper itís written on can be wadded up and thrown away or burned in a fire, never to be remembered again; however, you may wonder what it was that was written later.  But letís just say that it is important that one would read them. And, who will decide?  Like all the other words on paper that have been read.  Do words have a destiny?  Is there one that will decide what words are to be known or to be cast away and never heard?  Ah yes; words can have power; and some, have been remembered; by many, throughout the history of man. Too many or too few; of them, can be spoken to the right or wrong persons; at the right or wrong time in the right or wrong place. They can be well rehearsed and then misunderstood; or they can come without warning and be completely comprehended. Words can hurt or heal,  encourage or discourage,  build-up or cast down; be creative or destructive; as if they had some sort magnetic power; being both, positive and/or negative. They bring, remind, arouse, or can stifle even other thoughts, or words, emotions and feelings; affecting many of our senses.  They can be thought, spoken, sung, shouted, or whispered, and then remembered or forgotten and then brought to mind at a later time. They can rhyme, have the same meaning as other words or sound like other words, but are totally different, being either deep or shallow. Some are short; others long, hard to pronounce or even hard to decipher; being silly or serious, or is that of any concern? But, have all heard each word spoken, or have those; that have spoken, been heard by all? No, but, why are words sought after and otherís feared or; should it be said, earnestly desired or listened to intently, or bitterly shunned or rejected? True or false; words are spoken with meaning; or did they just slip out, not meant to be said at all?  Ponder these words and see if there is one that will have an answer.  And who knows if an answer will be the right one; for, do we all not have our own opinion, or our own word? And what makes one personís words more important than another?  And why are some words more important to one and not to another? Who will read these and who will decide?  If they are read at all; will they; by any, be remembered? Or does it even matter? For, they are just words. 

Sydell R. Linsicombe-Hall
copyright © October 21, 2007 

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