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You Love Me
Wandering aimlessly amid
the twilight of my dreams
Meandering ever so slowly;
among my thoughts
Stopping to ponder
the ever-present notion
…You Love Me.

Could it be just
a thought or dream?
Remaining and resting
On the recesses
of my mind?
Is it logic? I asked myself
To decern;
Between now and then
Or is it imagination, that
…You Love Me.

Delight sprang up;
Like a cascading fountain
Running down,
Through my emotions
Like a trickling spring.
Ever so calmly;
Across the words
Suspended there;
In my mind,
And produced a smile
…You Love Me.

Pondering a while longer
Realizing there were no yester years
Or even days
No memories of a past
With no hurt nor any pain
Subsequently no comparing
Or choosing between this or that
And suddenly…
Rolling, rumbling, waves of thoughts eluded
With volcanic allure...
And settled in my heart
…You Love Me

           Copyright ©  1999 Sydell R. Linsicombe

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