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Heavenly Visitation

One awesome December night He came to me
No car, no horse, nor chariot had He
A cloud He used to bring Him there
Floating swiftly, briskly through the night's air.
A hill He stood upon; with me
My face down though; I couldn’t see
But His garments glowed radiantly white; like opal fire
My eyes; never leaving His brilliant attire.
Colors of the rainbow showed in them
In awe of this brilliance of His garments (and Him).
He said, "They are the color, pure."
God spoke to me...Of this I am sure!
Language we used was different then
Seemed I’d heard it before, but not knowing when
Understanding each line; as each word was spoken
From our minds, not our lips, for they were unspoken.
He then turned His back; as to walk away.
I cried and I cried, and I wailed… "Please stay”!
“Your grandfather wishes to see you,” He said.
“But my grandpa died”…”My grandpa is dead!”
I was 14 months old when Grandpa expired
But I knew I must see him; this was required.
And then in a flash my grandpa appeared
Don’t know why I’d shrivered, nor worried, nor feared.
I knew who he was; no introductions were made.
Motioning with his hand, “Come here” he bade.
"How is your mom, grandma too?"
“They are fine” I said, “Waiting to be with Jesus and you”
“They will very soon”, he mentioned to me.
“Then we’ll all be together, we’ll all be happy!”
“Not yet”, he said, “you have to return”
“You have things to do, and lessons to learn.”
I started to cry and asked, “Please, to stay”
“Don’t make me leave, don’t send me away!”
But the cloud I came on suddenly appeared
And  as He spoke these words,  I quietly revered:
"Matthew 5:17" is all He said,
Then I was back home and back in my bed.
Waking up in a flash, but blind by white light;
Trying to see, but I had no sight.
My thoughts were all dazed; thinking of Him
Getting out of the bed, still sight was dim.
My bible was on the living room table
(Still thinking of Him; who was born in a stable)
I reached to see just what He had said
The words rang out; right out of my head
“I have not come to destroy, but to fullfill”
His words I remember to this day still!

copyright © 2001 Sydell R. Linsicombe

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