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Sydell's Poetry Page

Here are a few of the poems I've written and some I haven't at the bottom of the page.
If you like them, you are welcome to send them to your friends & family,
but please keep my copyright and name with them.
Come back and visit as I will be adding more poems in the future;
as I write for fun in my spare time and sit at my computer in my "off-hours".
I also have a few links to other poems & poem contests sites in which you might like to visit.
There is music on alot of my poem pages....
I'm attempting to try and fix it to were you can turn it on and off
in the event some don't like music so.....please bear with me.
The music Icons will either be at the top or bottom of each page, and will look something like this:

 Don't Drink & Drive
Untitled Poem
Good Dog's Gone Bad
Remembering When
Beyone Compare
I Miss You
Knock Knock
Imaginary Dreamer
You Love Me
Dream With Me
A Space In Time
On Father's Day
Amanda Dawn
It's Over
Heavenly Visistation
Cyber Safe Relationships
Sticks and Stones
Said and Done
Don't Hurry Life
Welcome Friend Peace
Don't Touch
Silent Yearning
A Place to Hide
Your Memory
Hows Does A Friendship
Sugar Coated
Soul Mates
Reap What You Sow
Been Apart
All In All
Stuck On You
My Dream
To A Dear Friend On Valentine's Day
Reap What You Sew 
Liver List
Further On
Daddy's Little Girl
Baby I'm Gone
Copyright Sydell R. Linsicombe
(all rights reserved)

Other favorite poems written by some people I know,
others I don't and still others I haven't a clue who wrote it,
but I like and remember the poem......and hope I didn't write it incorrectly...

HouseWife's Epitaph

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